Friday, July 2, 2010


Nora’s post has me thinking of the many mentors I feel lucky to have come across in life. I am so glad she feels supported through her continued dialogue with Susan Shields, as I feel strongly that mentorship a vital component in the life path of any artist or anyone for that matter. In an earlier post, Jessica Moore made reference to Adriane Fang as such a force for her. At many pivotal points in my education and career, I have come into contact with wonderful teachers of life and art. I proudly thank such beautiful souls as Patricia and Lisa Nicholson, Kathleen D. Brown, Eric Hampton and Benjamin Harkarvy to name a few. Each of these people taught me important lessons about life and art, never talking down to me, but rather believing in me and respecting where I was in my own journey. There is no substitute for those wise leaders that cross our paths and help lead the way.

Who are your mentors?

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