Friday, June 18, 2010

GMU Got Game

Boris Willis is not only a teacher and choreographer but also our resident guru of web-stuff and technology. He is all over town – in DC and VA – riding around on the bike with whitewall tires and if you search “postmodern dance” on Google, his website appears. Why? Because he’s continually exploring what it means to be a performer/creator and the new intersections of technology, life and art. Dancers in Dialogue seeks to promote innovation whether its on stage or on screen, so this post is a thank you to Boris for being who he is. At GMU he teaches courses in dance as well as game design, a new program at GMU.

If you knew him at GMU please share a comment. If you are curious about the new program check out this article. My favorite line about GMU: “At 38 years old, Mason is also more nimble and more willing to take risks on areas of study than several older academic institutions, said several observers. 'That is one of the advantage of being young, you have some flexibility that traditional schools don’t have. That has proved to be a real strength for us,' said [Dan] Walsch [executive director of Mason’s media relations]. "Our tradition has essentially become our flexibility," he added. [Professor Scott] Martin echoed that sentiment, saying the Mason is unusual for its openness to new ideas and experimentation. 'New ideas and innovation are embraced by the faculty and provosts here more so than almost any other institution that I have ever come in contact with,' said Martin."

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