Wednesday, June 23, 2010

from Jessica Moore... Wow!

Well there isn't too too much news. I did the Buglisi Intensive with Lauren so you have that update from her and since then I've come back to the city (I live in Washington Heights). It was funny because my 3rd day here I ran into a few of the Buglisi company members outside a cafe by Lincoln Center. They were doing an improv. project for the 15th annual Vision Festival at the Abrons Art Center and invited me to join them (I was actually having dinner with Gerald when I ran into them so he is involved as well!) Gotta love dancer connections! So Friday and Monday there is a group improv. and Saurday and Sunday I'm doing some more individualized improv. at the festival. It's been a blast so far and I'll update you after the performance and let you know how it goes. This is just such a fantastic opportunity to meet people and collaborate. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with Adriane Fang. Her explorative and creative nature has been such a blessing and really gave me the confidence and experience to fully participate in this project. Before Mason, and Adriane specifically, I had only experience proscenium dance and her various projects and interactive experiences were a wonderful addition to my life as a dancer and an artist. The experiences she offered those of us lucky enough to have her were invaluable and I hope that the other classes get to experience this kind of work. Aside from this particular project I’m auditioning, taking class, and attempting to find a semi-stable job. It’s funny my first paying job in the city was dancing...what better start could I ask for? I love this blog idea by the way… I think that the faculty should know what has influenced us the most and they should have the satisfaction of knowing that what they do matters. They stay with us and push us…even after we leave.

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