Friday, June 18, 2010

Onstage last night

Karen Reedy Dance at the Lansburgh Theatre in the showcase DANCE: Yes We Can! Her choreography, Path of Attraction, was performed by Christopher K. Morgan and Noelle Snyder and I was intrigued by how much the duet changed with this different cast. I saw it a year ago at Dance Place and remembered the strong pull between the performers, but with Christopher and Noelle there seemed to be an added layer of longing or regret, as if the sensation created between them was no longer available. It had eluded their grasp as life or circumstances separated them, but as they were drawn apart they seemed to sense one another through their skin. Their awareness of one another and the ephemerality of their relationship was exquisite. The showcase was presented in conjunction with the Dance/USA 2010 Annual Conference (the audience was a star-studded collection of performers, directors and teachers) and included nine pieces by nine different companies. Alongside Karen's duet, the highlights included Gesel Mason’s 1 Thing 1 Thing and Oh… 1 More Thing! a trio of frustrated women acting out their anger in their kitchens, and Tribute by Step Afrika, a company that will be performing at the Lansburg this weekend. They are phenomenal.

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