Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just read what Karen wrote (below) and love it. Was at The Dinner Party tonight, a platform for artists in any discipline (or mixture of disciplines) to show work and engage in dialogue. These events are organized by Ilana Silverstein and she, like Karen, are people I admire not only for what they create but also because they cultivate an environment that is nurturing and generative. I love how Karen shared so much of the events and ideas from Dance/USA and Ilana tonight performed and then moderated a thoughtful and engaging conversation about the work presented. These friends are gardeners: they are keenly aware of ways to grow creativity and collaboration. Ilana read this quote tonight: "dependence on a specialized language can also prevent innovation by limiting ideas."

When Karen and I talked about the ideas for this blog, we envisioned it as a venue to share ideas and responses to varied events. So many incredible things happen in this area that go overlooked and un-discussed. This is a place to reflect on creations and artists that defy categorization, that have not yet been picked up by mainstream publications, so that they can grow in fertile soil, be nurtured and thrive.

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